An exciting new chapter

Well…..here it goes! So I made the decision to do something completely new in my career. I realised that my previous career just “wasn’t doing it for me”. I think as you walk through life and discover the things you love (and equally those things you aren’t passionate about), maybe there comes a time when you change your focus. That is where I am at now. I am fortunate in that I have the support of my husband to just give up my day job and retrain……..as an interior designer.
As a young girl, I loved moving my furniture around in my room, which often drove my parents mad. I enjoyed making decisions on my bed covers, paint colours for the bathroom and other decorative ideas. I didn’t realise this was my true passion until I started researching and sourcing interior design elements for our new house. I got the bug! I love reading the house and design magazines, looking on pinterest, instagram and Houzz to get lots of inspiration and ideas. I have so many ideas that I thought “you know what? I should do this as a living”.
I have my own favourite styles for my own house, but this is not what this blog is going to be. I want to share with you some insights that I discover through my course at the National Design Academy but also share some tips and ideas that may be of interest.
So there we are! This is a huge step for me as I have been proposing to set up a blog for a while. Hopefully you enjoy what comes along the way. Also, please feel free to comment below! If you have any topics you would like me to cover, I’d be happy to help!
Ciao for now!