Colour inspiration for a living room

I am pulling together some ideas together for my own living room. It’s a room where we intend to relax, read a book, sit by the fire…..you get the picture. It will be a little more formal than a family room and I want to add a touch of luxury.
One of the first decisions people make when redecorating are colour schemes. It can be quite overwhelming given the thousands of colours out there, not to mention the different shades, tones and tints.  I’ll try to inspire you with a few colour schemes that work well in living rooms.
My view is that you should first of all pick the colours you LIKE! What colours do you like to wear? Do you have a favourite coloured piece of furniture? Have you seen a curtain material or wallpaper you MUST have? You should let these colours help you decide. It’s important that you just don’t pick a colour because its “on-trend”. Unless you have a lot of money to splash around to update your palette every year, you need to pick something you can live with every day.
The other bit of advice is make sure that colour will send the right vibe for the space. Did you know that colours create a certain mood? Yes, there are psychological characteristics associated with each colour. For a living room, we usually want to relax and unwind given our busy lifestyles, so it’s important to use colours that provide this atmosphere. The best colours to use in living rooms are blue, green and browns/taupes.
The most popular colour for living rooms is blue. Blue helps to create a sense of calm and serenity. It has also been shown to reduce blood pressure! Personally, this is my favourite colour and one I am leaning towards. But before you go jumping in and buying everything blue, it’s important to note that too much blue can make you feel depressed and insular. Warmer blues are best as very light blues can feel icy and cold. I really like mixing up warm and darker shades of blue with greys, stark whites or creams to provide contrast and accents. Here is a living room that is currently inspiring me:

Source: Pinterest decorattractive.com

This example is simple, classic and looks a really relaxing space to be in. I am particularly loving the combination of metallics and different shades of blue. Notice how the neutrals dominate but are accented by the gold table and objects as well as the indigo and steely blue cushions? But how wonderful is the artwork? It’s a great reflection of the colour scheme but also adds a bit of interesting texture.
I really must show you a room in Oval Room Blue by Farrow and Ball – it’s my favourite and our family room has a feature wall in this colour. I will never get tired of this. It’s a mix of green, blue and grey – it has a real elegance to it. I like it because of how it changes in tone with the natural light. It looks green in the day but has a real warmth in the evening.
Source: https://www.onekingslane.com/live-love-home/blue-paint-colors/

This colour works really well with creams, browns and greys. The terracotta flooring and tan leather sofa combined with the uplifting and bright whites provide a lovely contrast. This room looks so inviting – particularly the chaise longue with a cashmere throw. Pure luxury!
My third inspiration is quite bold and not for the faint hearted. If you look in the interior magazines at the moment, you’ll notice a LOT of really dark black walls. Personally, I like looking at them but would tire of it in my own home. You also need to have a lot of natural light from a north-facing window to provide some brightness or it will be too dark.  If you want the bold colour look, opt for an indigo, steel blue or blue-grey. This example is lovely:
Source: http://norsewhite.blogspot.co.uk

The indigo walls look amazing against the magnolia window treatment, white fireplace surround and neutral floors. But what I really love is the pop of canary yellow in the lampshade and chippendale chair upholstery to break it up. The large bay window also allows a lot of sunlight in to ensure there’s not too much drama going on! This is to me pure luxury but with trusty fingertips and a bit of searching, it could recreated at a fraction of the price that the owners probably paid!
I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you have any suggestions on some topics that interest you, please pop a note below!