Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow

Metallics…..Perhaps they might conjure up the word “bling” or “ostentatious”. But you probably have a picture in your mind from the 80s! My idea of metallics is associated with sophistication and elegance. And they can work in almost any room and any style. It’s all about getting the right balance –  less is definitely more. If you go and deck out your whole room to recreate an Egyptian mummy’s tomb, that probably will require sunglasses. So plan carefully. This article will hopefully give you some useful tips.
The latest trend is all about copper, brass and rose gold. These are really warming metallic hues, and for those of us experiencing winter in the northern hemisphere, they can make a room feel extra cosy and luxurious in the right light. I particularly like copper and personally have reflected this element in light pendants to emit a sophisticated glow.  They provide a lovely warmth  in the evening.

Mix it up

Believe it or not you can mix and match your metallics. Gold and silver or chrome work really well together.  The general rule of thumb is to use a cooler coloured metal such as silver, aluminium and chrome with a warmer tone of gold, copper or brass.  But!!! Don’t use the cooler and warmer hues in equal amounts.  Choose one that you really love the most and then use the other as an accent. If you accent with less expensive items, like cushion covers or small decorative items, you can easily replace them if they get a bit tired. This lounge demonstrates the mix of chrome finished arm chair, brass floor lamp, a mixed steel and brass coffee table and gold accented cushions. The rest of the room is quite neutral to give it a clean polished look.

Source: https://4.bp.blogspot.com/

Determine metallics based on your colour scheme

So we said that you should mix cool and warm metallics earlier, well the same applies to colour schemes and metallics. If you have a warmer coloured room, choose a cooler metal and vice versa. If you have a neutral colour, then I would advise warmer toned metals to really provide flair. The lounge room below has a relatively relaxed feel with neutral colours but the subtle touch of a polished copper mirror, floor lamp, table lamp and decoration. This particular example shows how you can use metallics in a subtle but stunning way. The great thing about using metals as an accent is that you can more readily update them.



Provide definition with texture

There are many different metallic finishes including polished, hammered, antique and matte. If you really like a certain metal and want to use it on a large scale, you could mix each of these finishes to provide some definition and distinction. The bathroom below gives a good example of the different styles. The hammered silver sink is what really catches your eye first. The interesting texture delineates the basin from the polished chrome faucet, decorative objects and mirror. The antique style wall sconce also adds further definition and breaks up the monotony of the geometric wallpaper.

Source: Pinterest

Combine with marble or wood

The combination of natural elements such as marble, wood and metallics in a minimalistic way can create an inspiring space that is elegant and refined. I really love this gold and brass tinted kitchen. The simple white marble tops work really well with the shiny gold lamps and the matte gold stools. Note these different gold finishes – this adds interesting definition. There is also a fine brass trim around the grey painted wooden cupboards, adding a simple touch of elegance. The whole colour scheme for this simplistic modern kitchen is rich and refined.

Source: http://www.lifestyleetc.co.uk

I hope that has given you a few ideas of how to provide a bit of metallic luxe to your interior. The popularity of metallics in the high street stores means that you can source some good pieces at reasonable prices. Be bold – try it out!