Friday Finds – Neutral Table Lighting

I’m introducing a new post each Friday which illustrates items of a particular interior category. This week it’s neutral table lighting.
A friend recently asked me to help with deciding on a neutral table lamp for a bedroom. Neutral colours are particularly great when you either have a lot of colour in the space or want to keep with a neutral colour scheme. Personally, I think lamp lighting in beiges, whites and greys are appealing as they work well with any colour scheme and are often a foolproof option. However, I think that you should try to find lamps in interesting textures or materials.
You need to take your time when choosing a neutral lamp as it’s best to find one that makes a statement rather than just blending in, especially if it’s in a neutral interior. Interesting detail and texture will help the lamp command attention and set off the finishing touch and mood.
Also, don’t be scared about going big! In fact, err on the larger side as long as a lamp shade doesn’t hang too much over a bedside table. The general rule of thumb is go for a base that is around one-third the width of the bedside table. And as for height, the top of your lamp base should be around 150cm off the ground (so take away the height of your table to get the right height of the lamp). The reason for this is so that the shade will be roughly in line with your eye level when sitting up in bed and you won’t get the glare from the light bulb.
Finally, consider the functionality of the light – do you want a lamp with an inline rocker switch or a touch sensor? These are all important things to consider.
Below are a few of some of my favourite neutral table lamps at the moment:

Tacoma Ceramic Lamp Base from India Jane (Currently on sale for £129 from India Jane)

Tacoma lamp.png
Tacoma Ceramic Lamp from India Jane

This very impressive neutral table lamp is simple yet sophisticated. I really like the texture of the vertical brass ribbing. While it’s quite classic in the shape, the added elements such as the brushed brass base, makes it quite contemporary. The other great thing about this base is that you can choose just about any shade colour to go with it. Have a look around and find out some local shade manufacturers who could help you match the perfect fabric.

Regular wisteria table lamp in nickel and clear glass from Pooky (£165 for base + £90 for shade)

Wisteria Lamp in Nickel from Pooky

Glass has definitely made a comeback and can give a very homely feel for a space that is more of a rustic or industrial style. I think this is probably one of the best on the market as the wiring is clean and you can choose the type of metal you want as a base. Pooky has lots of shades to choose from which you don’t often get with other lighting companies. Because the base is sold separately, it gives you the freedom to choose any shade you like.

Dar Melba 50cm Table Lamp from Wayfair (£93.99 for base + 37.99 for shade drum)

Dar Melba lamp from Wayfair 

If you like something a little more classic, then this Dar Melba table lamp in beige ceramic could be very appealing. It is a good size and would look beautiful as a feature piece for either side of a bed. I really like the elliptical indentation which gives character and depth. Definitely not a lamp for just “blending in”.

Amara Table Lamp from Next (£38 for base and shade)

Amara Table lamp from Next

If you’re on a budget, then shop around at some of the High Street stores as there are loads to choose from. I quite like this oiled ombre effect ceramic lamp. The colours look quite impressive under a warm light and would certainly brighten a room.

Mid Century Table Lamp – bullet from West Elm

Mid Century Table Lamp from West Elm

If retro is your style, check out the cool table lamps from West Elm. This particular bullet shaped table lamp is neutral in colour but would look fantastic on any of the light wooden furniture that is a feature of the mid-century style. This tall white lamp is very easy on the eye.

RV Astley Harmony Nickel Looped Sculptural Lamp from Houseology (£280.84)

RV Astley Harmony Lamp from Houseology

If you are happy to splash the cash, this lamp is one to consider. It is a piece of artwork in itself and will look perfect in any interior. It will also not date, of think of it as an investment.
I hope you have enjoyed looking through these options. Which one appeals to you most? If you are looking to buy something for your home and a bit unsure, send me a note or message below and I could add for the next Friday find! If you want me to also add some options for other countries other than the UK, please let me know.
Happy Friday!