Helpful Hints for a Home Worker

If you work from home, whether it be for your business or for flexibility in your job, then this is the blog for you!
Do you ever feel when you’re working at home, you can’t get in the groove? Do you feel you need a bit of inspiration? Are you being distracted? Or do you just feel the work environment is not quite right? Well this is where interior design can help you to rectify a few of those problems. I am going to share with you a few tips on improving your work environment design which will also help your productivity. I’ve broken this into basic key elements for improving the space. But I’ve also provided strategies for creating work areas in various rooms. The key things you need to do are:

  1. Declutter

If you’ve not looked at/touched/ (hopefully not eaten!) the stuff in your room or on your desk, then it’s time to either throw it or store it away. But… be ruthless. Don’t just pick it up and stash it away as you’ll still be aware of it lurking around the corner. Psychologically, this cleansing process is really beneficial as it removes the drain that can come from having too much clutter. This gives the perception of messiness and dirtiness. An hour of a good throw out will be more than offset by the hours you can claim back of good solid work.

Source: Pixabay

  1. Organise

The items you have left should either be stored in an orderly fashion on your desk (if used often), on a bookcase or in a drawer. Try to minimise the items you have on your desk as they can become distraction points. One item I think is absolutely necessary is a filing cabinet. Everyone has important documents to file like utility bills, legal and insurance documents, invoices, personal stuff yada yada yada. Try to get a cabinet with 3 drawers and keep one free for your work so: you can find it again; it’s off your desk (i.e. reducing clutter); and you have a system in place. If you’re on a budget, these pop up on gumtree, on marketplace and in second hand office furniture centres for next to nothing.

Source: Pixabay

  1. Furniture

I say, the less furniture in your work space the better. Otherwise, you will feel hemmed in and it provides a distraction. At a minimum, you need a good chair and a table or desk. If you are working long hours, I can’t stress how important it is to get a good chair. Go and see an office chair specialist and try one out to ensure it’s comfortable and it will keep you sitting upright. There are a lot of beautiful chairs out there but they can’t be raised to meet the right table height and the repercussions on your back and shoulders could be problematic (not to say expensive trips to the chiropractor). One option, if you want a beautiful chair, is to get a second-hand office chair and have it reupholstered in any fabric you like. There are many fantastic upholstery businesses out there who have loads of fabric to choose from. Tables and desks on the other hand should fit in with the rest of your decor. It also needs to be sufficiently large enough to hold your computer/laptop and day-to-day items.

Source: Pixabay

Now you have the necessary basics for working, let’s get onto creating inspirational spaces.

Working from a Study

If you are fortunate to have a study room, you have the opportunity to make a quiet and productive area in which to work. My number one tip is to use a colour scheme that is light and bright and allows in as much sunlight as possible. This is so you can keep focussed and awake. Warmer and darker colours may encourage you to switch off or dare I say, fall asleep. In the evenings and during winter time, you need to have a good table lamp which will highlight and focus on the task at hand. Think Angelpoise lamps, but there are many cheaper and stunning versions out there. Again, try to keep the furniture in this room to a minimum but bookcases are a good addition.

Source: Pixabay

Working in a Living Area

Many of us don’t have the luxury of having an additional room in which to work, but we can still create a dedicated and productive work space. There are still ways in which you can set up a desk to fit in with your decor. You can:

  • Place a desk behind a sofa and use it as a piece of furniture when you aren’t working. You may choose to leave the chair tucked under the desk or stow it away
sofa behind couch
  • Find an unused nook in your room and place a table and chair to maximise the use of space
  • Have a purpose-built bookcase or display cabinet made with a pull-out desk. This will allow you to maximise the wall space in your living area as well.
  • Buy a lockable desk unit – this is particularly good if you don’t want little hands wandering and touching your stuff


These are some good options and there are loads more pictures on Pinterest if you want to know how these ideas could work for you. If it’s suitable for your household, I would try to purchase a room divider which can be stowed away. A partition will allow you to create an illusion of a dedicated and separate space. However, check the safety of these first as you obviously don’t want little people pulling these on themselves!

Working in a Bedroom

I would opt for this over a living room as it provides less distractions, such as the TV. Again, it would be optimal to have a light and bright room with lots of sunlight. If this is not possible, make sure you get yourself a really good table lamp. As for the desk, you need to find a good bit of wall space to place your desk against and make sure you measure the space first before you go out and buy. If you like upcycling, see if you can find an old dresser and paint it. Find one with drawers and/or cupboards so you can hide away your work materials once you’re done. This is a great multipurpose furniture idea!

Credit: www.facebook.com/thefurnituredoctorsheffield/

Finally, add a few creative touches such as a small blackboard, cork boards, photos, plants and inspirational quotes to help you when you get that idea block.
I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that it’s given you a few ideas on how to improve your work area. My next blog will be on some cool interior design accessories for the office that are currently on the market. If you would like to discuss any of the content or would like some suggestions on how to improve your office, please get in touch!
Enjoy and happy working!!
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