Idyllic Interior Items to Invest In

Have you seen any of the articles on Ikea’s LÖVBACKEN table recently? It’s a side table which has been re-released for Ikea’s 75th birthday. According to Barneby’s auction house, this style of table could be worth thousands by 2030. If it is true (with my economist hat on, I am dubious as it is not a limited edition), this could be an investment piece.


So it got me thinking, what would I consider to be key investment pieces for interior design? What pieces are going to hold their value or appreciate over time? What is worth spending substantial amounts of money on? These are all tricky questions when you are redesigning and trying to allocate your budget.

I have identified four key furniture items that I believe are worth spending significant time looking for and using your hard earned money to give the greatest benefits. These include a Sofa, Armchair, Bed and Chest of Drawers. When choosing these pieces, it’s important to consider a design that will continue to serve you well in years to come. Fashion, styles and trends come and go, but if you choose wisely, these five key pieces will work with your accessories and other styling options.


Choosing a sofa can be difficult as there are so many styles, brands and finishes. When deciding, it is important that you measure the area where the sofa will be placed. Determine the maximum length and width for that space with tape/string and measure. Stick to these maximum dimensions or your sitting area will be dominated by the new sofa and you’ll cut off a natural flow.

When trying out a sofa, sit in it for at least five minutes to see that you get enough support from the seat and back cushions. Also give it a bit of a bounce to make sure the springs are supportive. Ask how long the sofa has been sitting in the showroom as well – the longer it has been there the better as you can check for any sagging – an indication of the foam and/or spring quality

1. Thomas Lloyd – Malmo

This leather sofa comes in a number of sizes and even a sofa bed. While I can’t personally vouch for the quality, it is good to know that there is a 5 year frame guarantee. They even let you try it out for free for 21 days. If you have children, leather couches are a great option because if treated properly, you can easily wipe of spills without staining.


2. Sofa Workshop – Cameron

I like a modern sofa and the styling of the Cameron series will definitely stand the test of time, particularly given it gets a 15 year frame guarantee. This style comes in different sizes and fabric finishes and you can also buy matching footstools. The Sofa Workshop has a number of showrooms, so I would definitely go and try first.


3. Collins and Hayes – Miller

This is more of a bespoke sofa and one for those with a higher budget. The quality and styling is superb and you’ll get a lot more choice of sizes and finishes. There are a number of stockists in the UK, so it is worth popping along to see their other ranges as well.



Armchairs should be all about comfort but equally need to look good. I personally love the high backed wing chairs. You can purchase good quality antique and reupholster or you can go to the market and choose a statement piece.

The rules for choosing a sofa also apply to armchairs. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure your armchair and sofa complement each other style and fabric wise. They don’t have to be from the same brand, but you should take great care with dimensions and style to ensure one doesn’t overpower the other. Finally, one last suggestion is to try for a relatively plain fabric for the sofa but have fun with patterns or a bolder look for the armchair.

1. Arlo and Jacob – Aragon

I have had my eye on Arlo and Jacob chairs for a while and they will be on my own shopping list. I think many of you will love this contemporary take on the classic wing backed chair, with it’s interesting curved lines. You can make it your own with the great fabrics on offer. If you can’t see something you like, you can arrange to use a fabric you have your eye on.


2.  John Lewis and Partners – Charlotte

John Lewis for me has generally been synonymous with quality as I personally have had good experiences. The Charlotte chair is a good classic option with a modern twist and would look good in most homes. They have a lot of fabrics to choose from, which are available to sample, and you can choose the colour of the wooden legs.


3. Sweetpea and Willow – Eichholtz Rubautelli Armchair

If you’re after a special investment piece that will remain good looking in years to come, seriously think about this gorgeous wooden Eichholtz chair.  It’s a brand recognised around the world and you can’t go wrong with this unique shape. The wooden frame oozes sophistication and the plump cushion looks extremely comfortable. But be warned – it only comes in white so probably not a good option for those with younger children.



I can’t stress how important it is to buy a really good bed and mattress. We spend a third of our time sleeping so do yourself a favour, invest in a really good night sleep. And if you haven’t changed your mattress in 10 years, don’t wait any longer. Your back and your neck will thank you for it.

1. Robinsons Beds – Accento

Robinsons is based in Glasgow but you can get them delivered all over the UK. I have one of their beds and it is honestly the most comfortable bed I’ve ever laid upon. While they aren’t exactly cheap, I know I will at least have the frame for years to come.


2. Bed Guru – Solomon Bed Frame

If a wooden bed doesn’t cut it for you and you want a bit of bling in the bedroom, a solid metal base is a great option. This is a nice simple design that will look fantastic in both a traditional and contemporary setting.


3. Loaf – Flapper Bed

There are plenty of interesting designs out these and this mid-century modern inspired bed fits that bill. It’s clean, simple and elegant but provides an interesting slant sporting a chevron criss-cross pattern across the bed head. It’s made of solid oak so it will last and the slats are made of birch to give you a bit of springiness.


Chest of Drawers

As you will know, you can never have enough storage. Drawers, dressers, cupboards, bookcases, side boards….you name it – it gets filled right? It’s really worth investing in a good solid wooden drawer set that takes the spotlight and reflects some flair in your home.

1. Cotswold Co – Melrose Ivory Painted Chest

This 3 over 4 drawer piece is extremely versatile and extremely well made. I can personally vouch for this company as I have a few pieces and the quality is excellent. Ivory is a good colour if you don’t want to go with completely a natural wood finish and would prefer light and bright.


2. Swoon – Avalon Chest of Drawers

Swoon really do make the most swoon-worthy furniture and I love all of their chest of drawers. It’s very hard to choose a favourite. However, the most versatile is the Avalon which is in a rich mango wood finish with gorgeous brass handles and base. As they say, it really is a showstopper.


3. Country Ways Oak Furniture – Chichester – Wide Chest of Drawers

You never can go wrong with a set of good quality oak drawers. And this is a wonderful example. It’s classic, it’s stylish and would look good in most homes. You really do pay for what you get with this one.


I hope you have found this useful and helps to cement a few ideas if you are currently in the market for any of these items. If you need any ideas or solutions, please feel free to message me or place a comment in the box below.