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Interior design is about discovering your inner style and projecting your personality and lifestyle into your surroundings. When your home or work environment provides inspiration and pleasure, it will bring out the best in you. Let me help to discover and create your individual interior design style.

What We Do

Residential Design

When you walk into your home, what do you feel? Your residence should inspire you each day as it is a place for making special memories; but also where we can deal with more challenging moments.  If your living space doesn’t reflect a lifestyle you desire, I am here to help. Your design process might be as simple as changing the layout or finding a colour scheme, fabric or furniture. You may opt to carry out an entire interior design update that will make you fall in love with your home all over again. But this doesn’t happen by chance. By working with me, I will translate your personality and inner style into a bespoke finish that is unique, reflects quality and within your budget.

Small Office and Shop Design

When you are a small business, first impressions are important. I love helping my clients design a look that reflects their brand, is stylish and will help to attract your ideal customer. I work with all types of businesses. From a small office to a small shop front, I can help you source all your office and business requirements, ensure you meet regulatory requirements and match you with reputable tradespeople to create an impressive space.

Our Process

  • Listen and Clarify Listen and Clarify
  • Offer of Service Offer of Service
  • Design and Present Design and Present
  • Procure Procure
  • Implementation and Style Implementation and Style

Before we begin the interior design journey, it is important to gain an insight into your lifestyle and understand your requirements. This information is key for finding a style that will suit your personality, your home or business, but will inspire you every day. It is also important to lay the cards down about budgets and expectations of timing as this will prevent any unnecessary bumps along the journey. Through our meetings, we will clarify your requirements and aspirations that are the driving force behind your project which are necessary for creating this into a personalised, beautiful and functional space. This may be as simple as colour or accessory advice all the way through to a fully managed project. Communication is key for this stage of the process.

Once we have connected and you are confident that I am the one to guide you along your interior design journey,  I will provide an Offer of Service. This is a full overview of what I see as the most important design elements and areas that need addressing to achieve the best results. An important component of this Offer of Service is a guide on costs and project timeframe expectations. This is an integral part of the process as you will gain further insight as to how your budget will be spent and a realistic timeline for how the project will develop.

This is the fun part. I will piece together a scheme that will transform your residence or business into something truly wonderful. I interpret your style, hobbies and inspirations when creating a Visualisation Board (or mood board) and an optional furniture plan that will help you to envisage the interior design scheme. I love the challenge of finding something that will excite you but will be within your budget.

I will guide you in finding the perfect paint colour, lighting, wonderful window dressing, fabulous furniture and fabrics and desirable decor. If you need help with furniture layout, I draw to-scale plans to ensure your new look is perfect for the space and the flow is right. My presentation will cover everything from start to finish of the design journey. Your input remains key as we refine the plan in preparation for the final masterpiece.

Together, we finalise the Visualisation Board and other digital/schematic diagrams. These items represent all of the elements of the interior design project. You may decide that, for budget reasons, you will procure these items yourself using the purchase links I provide. If you would like me to procure on your behalf, it’s time for you to sit back and relax while I do all the hard work for you.

With many years of experience in project management, I provide assistance on large or small interior design projects. I work alongside high quality service and trades people to provide you nothing but exceptional service. I am also level headed and a reputable problem solver. So if there are times when hiccups arise, and believe me they do, you will be assured that I can always sort them out. My objective for this stage is to make it as streamlined, efficient and as easy as possible.

Think of this part as opening night of a stage production. All the hard work going on behind the scenes results in a wonderful reveal. I hope you enjoy the whole process as much as I love partaking. The delight on my client’s faces when they fall in love with their residence or business all over again makes my job an absolute pleasure.

What My Clients Say